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Wheels turning for food trucks

heels are turning in Horry County to bring food trucks to the area. A plan shifted forward with input from the public at the Horry County Planning Commission Mobile Food Vending Ad Hoc Committee meeting, Thursday.

Imagine your meal come to you? That's the goal for many who want to see food trucks roll down the streets of Horry County. 94% of those surveyed by the county are on board.

The owner of 'Hey Now, Hot Dogs,' John Traub, says food trucks are headed in the right direction. He was among about 30 people including county leaders, the food truck committee, interested vendors and the department of health, at the meeting.

Several changes from initial plans are being discussed. Vending types, distance from restaurants, operating hours, allowed merchandise, permitting requirements and several other topics were discussed.

One change would allow not just food trucks to roll around the county, but carts, trailers, ice cream and snow cone trucks as well. Another big proposed change, the distance to restaurants. Food trucks would have to keep back 200 feet. Operating hours would also be extended, which means you will be able to grab food from 6 a.m. to 3 a.m.

The Department of Health says new rules will be put in place next month to make sure food is safe and regulations are followed.