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Taqueria trucks bring food closer to the people

Much has been made lately of the food trucks rolling Downtown and East Side streets and some special events. “Food Truck Friday” in Cathedral Square was especially hot this year. And why not, with impressive mobile restaurants like Satellite Crepes and Big Frank’s Wiener Waggin regularly rolling to a stop there, diners enjoyed some really good food served from atop wheels.

But Mexican food trucks can be found all over the city, predominately in Walker’s Point, Polonia, Lincoln Village and several points a bit farther west. The trucks are extensions of many South Side restaurants, bringing authentic Mexican food closer to the people.

Some of these include Freddy’s Taco truck, which is parked outside the new El Rey Family Market, 5200 W. Oklahoma Ave., the Eagles Nest truck on West Rogers Street near Congo Avenue and Las Brasas, which is actually a trailer, on South Cesar Chavez Drive at West Washington Street.

For just over a year, Miguel Leon has run the Taqueria Arandas truck parked on South 6th Street between Orchard Street and Greenfield Avenue. Leon says food truck operators pick their locations carefully.

“This location is a good one. People know where we are and they keep coming,” says Leon, who likes everything about operating a food truck.

“I love being in the truck, talking to the people. They love the food, tacos, burritos, tortas, tostadas. People call the number on the truck to order, pick up their food, eat in the car or take it home. Or they’ll just eat outside, even in the rain. When you’re hungry, you’re hungry,” says Leon.