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Street Vendors Dream: Cash-in On Inauguration

Nafeesa Syeed of the AP has an interesting article recently in the Washington Post about DC Street Vendors for the Inauguration.  He notes that those interested in street vending have until Dec. 30 to apply for the lottery, which will give preference to local vendors. Lottery results will be posted after January 6 on the DCRA website.
There will be 700 vending sites near the inaugural parade route and another 1,000 around the city. That’s up from about 100 spaces the government gave out for the 2005 inauguration. The article points out that D.C. officials say those caught selling products without permits face penalties. But they admit it may be difficult to monitor the entire city.

Some vendors are upset by the city’s regulations regardinig Inaugural day street vending. They say fees are too high and that several designated vending spots will be in out-of-the-way areas. Vending advocate groups plan to hold a rally on December 29 at the city’s consumer affairs department to voice their concerns.