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Street Food: Authentic Snacks from Around the World

This book walks you through street food in The Mediterranean, Europe, The Middle East, Far East, Chindia, America and Africa. Each section walks you through the area in general with a brief look at the history, climate and geography. There are tons of gorgeous photographs of local street vendors, the food, people eating, the streets, etc. Many of the pages have full page photographs and the others have several photographs per page. I didn’t find a page in this book without photographs.

Each country not only shows you the typical foods you might eat at a street vendor, it also shows you how the people in each area dress and what the cities look like. There are even many close ups that show you how the foods are prepared. Each photograph has a caption so that you know exactly what you’re looking at. Each area of the world contains several recipes for foods typically sold as street food. The book explains the origins of the recipe and has a beautiful color photograph showing what it looks like as it is traditionally prepared. The included recipes are amazing. They have a detailed ingredients list and easy to follow instructions along with a brief history of the recipe itself. For the most part, the ingredients should be available at any large supermarket however in some cases, you may need to search out an ethic store to find all the ingredients necessary. There is a nice range of sweet and savory foods in the cookbook.

Whether you love to cook or to travel, you’ll enjoy this cookbook/travel book immensely. I may never have the chance to travel to any of the countries but the photographs and descriptions included let me feel as though I had. I highly recommend this for the chef or avid traveler on your Christmas list.