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Slowly but surely, humble pushcart food vendors sprouting up

Maybe a dozen hot dog carts line up every day downtown, mostly along Fourth Avenue, all essentially working the same concept: grilled bun, grilled onions, and charred dogs, wrapped in foil, served with a bag of chips and soda from an extra-large cooler parked on the sidewalk.

While downtown is saturated with hot dog carts, the Anchorage Parks and Recreation Department has been looking to get more mobile street vendors permitted to set up at city parks, far removed from the competitive downtown scene. This summer, a small group of vendors will be operating in green spaces across the city.

The idea is to get more people into the parks and crack down on "rogue" vendors, according to C.B. Stewart, park permits coordinator with the parks department. While many of the licensed vendors are mobile food carts — different from the ever-growing fleet of food trucks that can be found around Anchorage on any given day — the business model goes beyond just edibles.