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Food Truck Cashiers, Line Cooks and Managers Needed

Popular bay area food truck company needs cashiers, line cooks & truck workers. We recently got our second truck back on the road and need a new team to oversee daily operations and special events.

Must have some cooking and customer service experience. Must have a clean driving record, positive attitude, time management, problem solving skills and the ability to work independently. This job requires a flexible schedule with mostly lunches and weekend day shifts with some nights as well. We need team players who are willing to do what it takes to keep our trucks running smoothly including cleaning, cooking, prepping, and taking orders

We are also looking for someone to take a leadership role as one of our truck managers. Great opportunity for a line cook looking to move into management or a server with cooking experience looking for a change.

Hourly to start with a competitive salary available to the right person.

Come be a part of a growing company in a fun and exciting new part of the restaurant business with ever changing events and venues.

Street Vending ordinance shelved once again

The food truck ordinance was the hot button issue at Tuesday night’s Monroe City Council meeting. And after months of working on this ordinance and several discussions, it looks like mobile food vendors will continue to wait for clearance to operate.

The arguments for and against the food truck ordinance got emotional. People on both sides of the fence stood in line to have their voices heard. But ultimately, the council decided to shelve the resolution once again.

 "I think it’s all in the rules and regulations and how they are going to be enforced. And I think we need to address some concerns mentioned this evening," council member Gretchen Ezernak said.   

 The crowd also gave the new city engineer, Kim Golden, a round of applause as she listed her credentials. Golden is a professional engineer licensed in Louisiana and Arkansas. And she can also practice law in Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas.

"Probably the best place to use my skills is to bring money in forms of grants and things like that," Golden said.

And for those wondering about the Downtown District’s branding campaign, Director Myra Gatling explained. 

"It’s DOMO. Southern Houston calls themselves SOHO. And the lower part of the downtown district calls themselves LODO in Denver," Gatling said.  

And some good news for the Monroe Police Department, the council voted to upgrade their rides.

The department will get eight new Tahoe’s; four for the K-9 unit and four for work traffic accidents.

The council also voted to support a resolution to bring an Amtrak train to the area. Council members and audience members voiced their support saying the train would bring in jobs and visitors to Monroe.