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New Regulations Ease the Way for Food Trucks

Score one for food trucks in the “battle” with brick and mortar restaurants. Mayor Vincent Gray announced updated regulations for street vending that will make it easier for food trucks to operate in the District.

“My new regulations are designed to strike a careful balance between encouraging business innovation and respecting our laws as well as brick-and-mortar businesses that have long played according to the rules,” said Mayor Gray in a statement.

The proposed regulations, issued by the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA), would open up additional locations for sidewalk vending and address several issues with the 30-year-old regulations that have come to light during the recent renaissance in food trucks.

“Many of today’s street-vending entrepreneurs will become tomorrow’s bricks-and-mortar entrepreneurs,” said DCRA Director Nicholas Majett in a statement.

The regulations do not add or change any of the allowed sidewalk vending areas within the Old Georgetown Vending District, but do stipulate that more could be added if DCRA creates a Vending Development Zone in Georgetown-an unlikely occurrence.