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Food trucks arrive in Melbourne

Melbourne city-goers – your food truck/van prayers have been answered, finally! From Wednesday June 4, 12 of our favourite portable food vendors will be popping up around the city as part of a three-month food truck trial. And it’s about time too; before now, food trucks could only trade in the city if they were attached to an event. How are we supposed to keep up our reputation as Australia’s culinary capital with that kind of nonsense?

This truly is one small step for food truck operators, but one giant leap for Melbourne in the global “food scene” and we’re hoping that this is only the beginning of something magical and deliciously permanent.

The City of Melbourne picked out the gourmet food operators based on an impressive list of criteria including; the quality of food on offer, the uniqueness and originality of the concept, and the level of popularity. We’re pretty much going to be spoilt for choice too, with coffee and muesli for brekky to tacos, sliders and pizza for dinner.