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Food trucks a booming business

Whether you’ve got a taste for frozen bananas or some gator tail, Tampa and it’s growing fleet of food trucks has a little bit of everything.

The trucks are a booming business in the city as hundreds are walking up to get a taste of the Bay thanks to a boom in food truck rallies

“I think it’s great,” food truck fan Suzie McFarland said. “It gives us one more thing that Tampa has to offer to everyone who lives here.”

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn said he loves the trend in food trucks and can’t wait to see even more cooking in the city.

Local food truck owners said the food truck rallies are about more than just getting food to the customers, it’s also about growing their business.

A few weeks ago, Cooking Channel’s ‘Eat Street’ show was in town highlighting some of the best food trucks in Tampa.

“If we’re going to get the spotlight for anything, this is what we need the spotlight for,” food truck fan Lourdes Malagon.

“‘If you just go park on the street corner, we’re not going to make enough money to support the trucks,” Sam Dudding, owner of the Fire Monkey food truck, said. “So, it takes these kinds of rallies to make the income we need.”

Dudding’s truck is based out of St. Pete, but for now, the city of St. Pete does not allow food trucks to operate in the city. Dudding feels the long lines in Tampa show there is a demand for food on wheels in the Tampa Bay area.

“Largo’s got one planned. St. Pete Beach called me on Friday and wants to organize a rally on the beach. So, it’s already happening,” Dudding said.

With the masses lining up to take a bite, food trucks in Tampa are getting the green light to keep on rolling.