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City Council approves food truck compromise law

operators to plug two-hour parking meters more than once so they can remain in a single location during hours of preparation, sales and cleanup.

The city is going to work with the Downtown Spokane Partnership to come up with a map of locations where property owners would welcome the trucks. The annual fee for food trucks is being changed to $60 for an unlimited number of locations, down from the previous proposal of $40 plus $10 for each location.

Council members said they want to consider reducing the $250 annual fee charged to restaurants with sidewalk seating as a way to even the playing field between established restaurants and mobile food trucks.

Also, food trucks could be prohibited within 50 feet of a downtown restaurant. Vendors will also need permission from the adjacent property owner to set up for business.

For park property, a food truck operator would need permission from the park director to make sure there were no safety concerns with the park location or heavy crowds for programmed events.

The ordinance approved Monday does not change rules for food trucks on private property.

City Hall spent a year working on the rule changes.